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W3C HTML5 Compliant

This Sastrugi Marketing page validates HTML5 Compliant, to ensuring the greatest possible cross-browser interoperability. Sastrugi Marketing's web development is tested to maximize the user experience with all browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Etc.). Additionally, adherence recent web standards in design maximizes the probability that this page will continue to display properly has browsers and standards evolve.

HTML5 Certified

HTML 5 is the newest validation standard and browsers that fail to support basic HTML5 elements and attributes are badly outdated, and should never be used (ex: Internet Explorer 8) or seldom used (Internet Explorer 9). Economical web development minimizes the expenditure of labor on outdated browsers, and focuses on more popular browsers, and standards certain to be more common in the future. However, to the extent possible, I attempt to make the Sastrugi Marketing website compatible with older browsers.

Sometimes, the cleanest, most efficient way to make a site function does involve breaking a rule. That's fine, as long as the developers knows what rule they are breaking, why they are breaking it, and what the costs and benefits are. What's not acceptable is dozens of errors the Web Developer is unaware of, that simply result from sloppy coding. These can cause unexpected and unwanted results in different devices, operating systems, and browers.

Cleaning Window

Properly constructed modern websites, like this one, use minimal styling inside the web pages, and provide styling in an external Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). For a more detailed discussion of how this improves SEO and functionality, visit our Clean Code Page

Clean Web Design increases Page Load Speed, and makes future changes fast and easy.