Sastrugi Marketing - Happy Customers

"It is my pleasure to recommended Karl Kelman and Sastrugi Marketing, for the SEO and Web Development work performed for the Inverness Counseling Center. Karl consistently exceeded company needs and my expectations...

...Karl takes SEO, and the associated Web Development, seriously... ...His optimization moved our site from tenth place to second place of search results in a few days.

In addition to his ability to develop an outstanding functional website and optimizing SEO, Karl brought many additional skills:

Karl consistently makes web changes and updates correctly and quickly, exceeding all my expectations...

...I highly recommend Sastrugi Marketing for any organization wishing to improve the appearance, functionality and Search Results of their website...

-Monica Rosine
Director, Inverness Counseling Center"

Denver Post, September 16, 2007:

"Experience: USAirport (Note: Karl's pre-Sastrugi Web Site) gets kudos for the most user-friendly website of any parking facility ever. Just try to stop watching the little car driving to DIA on the map, and the slide show of your parking experience is cool - there is no way you could mess this up."

-Kyle Wagner, Denver Post Travel Editor

The Client's Statement: "It's fabulous and I am so pleased that now I have a "complete" web site thanks to your efforts. I appreciate all you put into making this exactly what I had in mind."

The Client's Situation: Deborah MacNair Design had an attractive, well-designed, one-page site based entirely on visual images. It provided attractive photos of kitchens she designed, but had no text to improve search results, and did not provide prospective customers visiting her site with detailed information about her experience and qualifications.

Sastrugi Marketing's Solution: We created three subpages with keyword-rich text that informed site visitors about Deborah MacNair's background, and explained her kitchen design process. Additionally, we created keyword-rich names for all page titles and visual objects and provided alternative text. This served several purposes:

This site is way better than the last version.

Nice job.

-Ed H.