SEO Copywriting

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Text is the most important element in Search Engine Optimization. If you want customers to find your site, you must provide text that closely matches the search phrases they are likely to use.

Here's sample keyword-rich text for a hypothetical pizza restaurant:

"Fredrick's Pizza, in Lone Tree, CO, offers free pizza delivery for all of South Metro Denver. Our pizza was called "a delight" by the Lone Tree Tattler! It's the best pizza in Lone Tree , served or delivered by the best Italian restaurant in Douglas County, and the best pizza in the state of Colorado.

Our pizza delivery area is County Line Road (north boundary of Lone Tree), to Castle Pines in the south. With 43 different pizza toppings, every slice of our pizza is the best whether you dine in, take out, or use our free delivery.

This text uses location (Lone Tree, CO), product name (pizza), and key feature (delivery) repeatedly, and will, if combined with other good SEO variables, create good search results for common searches like "pizza Lone Tree," "pizza delivery Douglas County," etc.

Search Engines consider first most important. Top of the page copy, the first words in a Title Element, and text in central area of a page are most valued. The lower on the page, the less valuable.

Repeating a keyword 5,000 times in 5,000 words won't help. In fact, you may be penalized by some search engines for this "black hat" tactic. Keep your copy reasonable and readable. Use valuable keywords often, but in a readable manner, and in different phrases.

Headers summarize content for human visitors skimming the page, and help search engine bots identify what you consider important.

Bold Text draws the attention of human website visitors to the important concepts, and Search Engines place additional importance on bold text.

Use a Keyword Research Tool to help determine what words and phrases potential customers use to find a website like yours. Then use those keywords in your copy.

It's better to compete for less popular keywords and rank in the top three on Search Engine Results Pages than to compete against larger, more established sites, and rank on the second or third page of results.