Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves paid Search Engine Placement - Primarily Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising - as well as Search Engine Optimization (although there's some dispute about the technical meanings of these terms and the way they are used in practice. Wikipedia defines SEO as a subset of SEM. But, many practioniers tend to use SEM to refer exclusively to paid placement related activities, and define SEO as a separate field).

Sastrugi Search Engine Marketing helps your organization promote your website and deliver online revenue. With years of experience managing Pay Per Click programs (We were in PPC when was new and special back in the 90s!), we are experts at delivering maximum ROI for your promotional dollar.

SEM Marketing can be surprisingly affordable - unlike print or broadcast media, with its' high production costs. Pay Per Click advertising is cost effective smallest businesses - ad production costs can be minimal, and costs are proportionate to the number of visitors to your website. Sastrugi Marketing can target a PPC campaign to your geography, ensuring that your ads are placed where potential customers will see them.

PPC advertising be carefully tracked. You can determine which ads generate actual sales, and which ads are ineffective. It's not rocket science, but if you've more pressing matters to attend to than learning the secrets to micromanage a PPC campaign, let Sastrugi Marketing handle your PPC campaign. At a surprisingly affordable cost, we can deliver real results!