Search Engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing

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Search Engines index (categorize) and find Web Pages. Search Engines delivers a page of results when Internet users type a phrase in a search box or tool bar.

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Without Search Engines, the Internet would be more complex. Remembering the exact web addresses of every web site we'd visited would require complex storage systems within computers and mobile devices.

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Search Engines simplify Internet searches by browsing most of the Internet with "bots" (short for robot), that constantly create and update maps of the Internet. So, when we type a word or phrase into the box in a box and hit return, most of the work has already been done for us. That's why the results are essentially instantaneous.

Search Engine Popularity, US Market Share, 2013:

Google - 66.5%

Bing - 17.3%

Yahoo - 12%

Others (AOL, Ask, etc.) - 4.2%

Source, Comscore, April 2013

Optimizing for all major search engines is fairly similar; given Google's dominant market share, SEO professionals tend to optimize based on Google results.