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Pay Per Click (PPC) programs can effectively reach a narrowly targeted audience. Ad are viewed exclusively by people searching on specific keywords.

Many small business owners erroneously assume that PPC is expensive. PPC can be very inexpensive - for many small businesses, your cost could be a dollar per month. Business only pay for actual click-throughs - if people don't visit the site, the cost is zero. There are essentially zero production costs and no minimum purchase requirements. A business could run a substantial PPC program across an entire metro area for a year for less than the cost of producing a fairly simple television ad. A very small business might run a PPC program for a 100 years for less than the production cost of a TV ad.

Advertising and Cursor

For many small businesses, Pay Per Click provides a very subtle and economical advantage. If customers search on the business name, they'll see two listings, one paid (the PPC listing), and one unpaid (the natural or organic listing). The vast majority of web pages visitors will click on the unpaid listing, and you'll be charged nothing. However, the presence of multiple listings provides an aura of reputability - at no cost in most cases.

Additionally, PPC can be used to battle misspellings of your business name. In this way, customers who want to reach you, but have the name of your business slightly wrong will still be able to find your site (Example: MacDonald's Transmission Repair vs. McDonalds Transmission Repair).


Let Sastrugi Marketing manage your PPC program! With many years of experience with a variety of PPC programs, we can quickly and inexpensively build a Pay Per Click program for you.