Karl Kelman: Experienced Internet Marketing/SEO

Since Sastrugi Marketing 2009 launch, Karl has helped many small and medium size companies improve their Search Engine results and Web Presence.

Karl's central focus is Search Engine Optimization, but he's also performed significant web development (there's inherently a degree of overlap between web development and SEO).

Karl has managed several Pay Pay Click campaigns at Sastrugi Marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC - paid ads that surrounding "natural" web search results) is very effective Internet Marketing strategy if properly managed.

Karl Kelman returned briefly to the Parking industry in 2010-11, helping to launch Canopy Airport Parking. While at Canopy, Karl teamed with Propark America web developers as an SEO Copy Writer and Consultant, creating a website that quickly outranked all private off-airport competitors (except Karl's old USAirport site - can't overcome the decade of work easily!).

Karl Kelman managed an extensive PPC campaign with Google Adwords and Microsoft Ad Center for Canopy, in addition to overseeing web display and video advertising campaigns.

Karl filmed, edited and produced several YouTube videos (footage from which formed the basis for a cable television advertising campaign):

Canopy Green Movie `

Canopy TV Commercial One

Canopy TV Commercial Two

Before the Canopy's opening day in late 2010, Karl launched a campaign of press releases interviews that created inbound links from news sources: A gold mine of page rank, freshness and authority that helped to boost Canopy's search engine results.

Working for Standard Parking at USAirport Parking, Karl Kelman designed, promoted, and created a numerous websites and hundreds of web pages, generating millions of page views and millions of dollars in tracked revenue for the parking facility. Online programs generated more than ten thousand new members for their frequent user program, and generated over 100,000 parking reservations.

Karl managed an extensive Pay Per Click program with a lifetime spend of several hundred thousand dollars, and engaged in active link acquisition and SEO copywriting. These programs were considered pioneering in the parking industry in the early 2000s, and the Internet Marketing campaign headed by Karl was featured in a Parking Today article in the early 2000s.

Pay Per Click was in its' infancy when Karl launched PPC programs at USAirport. Internet veterans will remember GoTo/Overture, LookSmart, FindWhat and many of the other pioneers forgotten/absorbed in the area of the two giants: Google and Microsoft.

Karl maintains one of the most extensive personal skiing sites in existence, spanning several hundred pages, with about one hundred videos and thousands of static images.

Web Presence and Online Reputation management are another area of work at Sastrugi - providing a page full of positive search results, and burying negative reviews on page 3 of the SERPs.