Sastrugi Marketing - $149 Internet Tune Up

What's An Internet Tune Up? View a Sample Analysis here or here and see!

30 Minute consultation to determine needs, keywords, ftp info and/or webmaster contact information.

I plan to devote roughly 8 hours of work for every Internet Tune-Up. Based our consultation, I'll determine the most effective way to allocate that time. For every small sites (one page), I may completely recode a page. For sites with many pages, actual code changes or suggestions will be limited, and I'll focus on the home page, and identify general principles that apply to interior pages.

Web Site Work May Include:

Edit Page Titles to include probable phrases that customers will use when searching for your business.

Ensure that pages have full complement of standard Meta Tags (Keywords, Description, Content, Robots, etc.).

Provide alternative text for images. Robots can read text, they cannot see images, and must be provided text.

Suggest or implement improvements to link structure, if needed. Direct traffic to pages that matter.

Focus text on important keywords.

Wherever possible, replace Flash with Youtube or Vimeo embeds, CSS3 animations, or static images.

Provide alternative, browser and iPhone friendly images for Flash objects that cannot be eliminated. Robots can read text, they cannot see flash. Additionally, this will provide some content for users without devices that support flash

1.) The Internet Tune Up is designed to improve your Search Engine Results, but no guarantee of performance is made, expressed or implied. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will usually improve your performance with respect to specific keywords, but SEO is a competitive field, and Search Engine Algorithms are carefully guarded secrets. All work is performed on a best efforts basis.

2.) This is a $149 Internet Tune Up - It's not a complete webiste makeover, or a complex and through Search Engine Marketing program - items that could cost hundreds of times more. My first step will be to determine the most efficient use of time to achieve maximum results (for example, if your site has many interior pages with hundreds of images, I won't provide Alt tags for every image). If the items I've listed above sound like a substantial amount of work for $149, they are. Our profitability model is to meaningfully exceed expectations with the $149 Internet Tune Up to establish a business relationship, demonstrate the quality of our services, secure referrals, and additional projects.

3.) No changes will be made that substantially alter or degrade website function. Fundamentally, we change text on the site, not navigation or functional elements.

Please compile a list of 10 or 20 keywords that you feel would benefit your business (order of importance would be helpful). Try to choose keywords that give you a realistic chance of being on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with. For example, you might have a successful local car dealership, but you won't make it to the first ten listings on the generic search term "cars." In contrast, "Sterling, Colorado Toyota Dealer" should be a search term that's "winnable."